Les Taylor is an artist who has embraced a lifelong love for both music and art. Over the past decade, Les's dedication to painting has grown exponentially. In the sanctuary of her studio, always accompanied by a melodic backdrop, she finds true inspiration.

It is here that her artistic process comes to life as a lyrical mingling of various methods. With each stroke of her brush, vibrant colors come to life, merging with gentle and fluid movements.

On occasion, Les incorporates mixed media, resulting in contrasting layers and dimensions within her works. The fusion of elements captivates viewers, like the allure of pleasant music permeating one’s imagination.

Her works are collected around the world (United States, China, Japan, England, Ireland and more...)



"To talk about my process is to simply describe the countless changing motivations for painting on that particular day. 


I patiently find the possibilities of each medium, surface, composition and color. Depending on what muscle I want to exercise that day, I may focus on only one of these enroute to mastery of that variable. Variety is a big motivator for me; the new and different introduces a suggestion that becomes the alchemy of my paintings. Adding a new technique, color, texture or tool guides the style change. Stimulating this process of change is always a priority for me. I try to add something different every time I paint. The more I experiment, the more evocative my art becomes to me. This is my most comfortable learning place….where there is no predetermined destination. I love seeing a blank canvas become something that I never could have imagined even if I had tried! 


To me, with any art form, I learn when I let myself build the theme without limits and see what materializes to use as an ever-changing foundation. It’s entirely spontaneous and I accentuate what is taking form. I thrive on this organic process that lets me melt into the controlled chaos of abstract art. It’s a lens of infinite possibilities we get to play in. There are no rules. Different outcomes and results, but no rules except the ones I impose on myself. This frees me to consider the learning as more important than the actual painting to me. In its evolution, when a piece changes, I’m fluent in exploration so it’s always a fun ride.  


The combination of senses that awaken while painting often shifts the artistic mood in the middle of creating...always influenced by the music du jour, the visual tale emerges. When I begin to connect to the emerging form of the piece, I know I am nearing the end of the journey. I usually feel this is the best time to stop (not that I necessarily do). If I do continue….the inspiration just expands. 


A word that is descriptive of my process is iterative. I do this out of respect for the possibilities that have already emerged. Because of my love of the bright and blended, layered and shadowed, emotionally charged, I am driven by finding the closest thing to a feeling that I can. There is no formula but for the visceral satisfaction I feel if I am content with a piece. 

My process has evolved over the short ten years since I immersed myself in an entirely new expression after being a musician for a lifetime. I have periods when I am practicing discipline and others where my aim is to let go and feel the painting as if I am singing. Same feeling, a different expression. Like I aspire to in my paintings, I am continuously being transformed."